18 & 19
Beursfabriek Nieuwegein

Vivarium IX, 18 en 19 November 2017 in the Beursfabriek Nieuwegein

Each year Vivarium combines all aspects of the Vivarium hobby: Aquarium, Terrarium and Paludarium. With the support of the exhibitors, that bring over 160 exhibition stands, Vivarium fills over 14,000 m2 with all the best our hobby has to offer.

Because Vivarium represents more than just sales. Inspiration and education are even more important to us and have all our visitors leave with more knowledge. This knowledge is offered through a full program of show tanks, workshops, contests and lectures that cover the whole weekend. and as such, our visitors get to learn more about all aspects of our hobby; either reef tanks or beetles, shrimps or snakes, aquascaping or biotopes and from scorpions to betta's. You can see and experience it all at Vivarium!

The upcoming 9th edition of Vivarium is something not to be missed for both exhibitors and visitors . In any case the Vivarium team is ready to welcome you!