27 & 28 November 2021 - Autotron Den Bosch

Closing Vivarium ONLINE

Vivarium Online has been closed and we look back at it with mixed feelings. Many of you have visited our virtual exhibition and just as many have been watching our LIVE Vivarium TV broadcasts during the weekend or in the days since.

In the full week we that the Vivarium Online exhibition was live, we had 7.727 unique visitors and including the ones that came back more than once, we had a total of 14.251 visits. The LIVE broadcasts have been viewed by over 7.600 viewers on Youtube by now.

And even though it was still a lot of work to arrange all this for you, we look back at it with great satisfaction. This alternative to our real event was there to keep the Vivarium & MACE spirit alive and we think we managed to do just that.

A huge part of the succes also comes from our cooperation with our lovely host, co-presentor of the LIVE Vivarium TV broadcasts and unexhaustable source of inspiration: Esther Mous. Normally when Aquaflora and Vivarium team up to create something special, we hardly need any words to make it a huge succes. And we did just that with Vivarium Online. We could not have imagined a better location than Esther's Garden as our LIVE studio to make it all happen.

We also want to give a huge and thankfull shout-out to all our Vivarium Online Partners. Thanks to their support we could cover our fixed costs, which ware there regardless if we are able to organize our real event. Thanks to these Partners we have not only survived this bizar year, but we can also keep our eye on the future for our next event. So from the bottom of our hearths we thank our Partners in gratitude: AquafloraDe Jong MarinelifeAquaasan CoralsJMB Aqua LightFishfarmonlineDutch Reef StoreAmblard FranceAquariumplantenshopGroothandel Smulders BVRuto Frozen Fishfood (Ruinemans Aquarium BV), Marine Life FranceZoo Med Laboratories EuropeDha-aquariumde Visvoer WebwinkelAquaplantsonlineRHG-DesignsAqualife Aquarium,, Ilonas ReefReef ProductsBubbels voor de aquarium en vijver liefhebber and PlantedBox. Without your support the book of Vivarium would have been closed.

A big thank you to all the other exhibitors that participated with their great looking booths, most of which contained many nice discounts, raffles and/or give-aways as well. And off course we also thank the many private persons and companies that have invited us to come over and film their tanks or unique behind the scene shots of their businesses. It was our great pleasure to visit and host you all!

But still, regardless of how great this alternative was this year, it still is just that: an alternative. Because nothing can beat the real thing that is a real Vivarium & MACE edition. An edition where we could have hosted so much more exhibitors. Where both us and our exhibitors could have seen the smiles on the faces of our visitors, exited to see what we are bringing them. Where we can have a chat, inspire and advice you. Where we could welcome back friends from all over the world to give them the hugs we are all anctious to give.

And eventhough we will have to step into the 2021 preparations with the Online alternative in the back of our heads, we do hope we can keep on the shelves. Because Vivarium & MACE is hoping to welcome you all back next year!

In the meantime, stay healthy stay safe and we hope to see you on November 27th & 28th 2021

Team Vivarium