28 + 29 november 2020 Autotron

Vivarium 2020

The enormous success of the anniversary edition of Vivarium has been the turning point towards the next level of our event. The original ideas and goals we had set ourselves when we started with Vivarium 12,5 years ago, where fully met at the new venue Autotron.

A large number of marine exhibitors where finally present and combined under the name Marine Aquarium Conference of Europe (MACE) they will now fill 2 halls already. Freshwater aquarium, terrariums and paludariums are combined in the largest hall. There, amongst others, the Aquascaping Contests, Dutch Shrimp Contest and Coleoptera Corner already formed an important part of the concept and the Discus Championship has proven to be a very good addition to that.

Major brands from the aquarium industry were all present with their own booths where they presented their products and gave the visitors further detailed explanations. The booths from the shops were than able to welcome those visitors interested in actually buying those products, which has proven to be a very successful combination. On the second floor there is also room for web shops, small breeders, societies, forums and even YouTube-channels.

But above all Vivarium has grown to be the biggest event in the world for hobbyists. It actually is a 2-day feast where all can celebrate the many wonderful aspects our hobby has to offer. No matter what drives you to the event; either the many exhibitors, contests, lectures, workshops, show aquariums or simply just to be inspired: Vivarium is the place to be!

For every brand in the industry, wholesalers, shops, web shops, societies or visitors the weekend of Vivarium is marked in their agenda's in red. And this year it is November 28th & 29th at Autotron.