Postponed until 2021 Autotron

Vivarium 2020 - Postponed

Due to the current state of affairs regarding COVID-19, the Vivarium organization unfortunately had to decide to postpone the 2020 edition.

Vivarium as we all know brings together thousands of visitors from a lot off countries every year. The idea that one person can walk among all those thousands of people and can transfer a life-threatening disease to visitors, exhibitors and also our volunteers, is unbearable for us. We do not want to take that risk under any circumstances.

For the time being, we assume that this is only a postponement, with the next edition of Vivarium taking place in 2021. However, we do depend on this year's financial settlement. As soon as that is complete, COVID-19 with vaccines and / or medicines is under control and everyone is ready for the next Vivarium party, we will report again.

Until then; stay healthy, stay safe and support your local aquarium and / or terrarium shop!

Team Vivarium