2 + 3 november 2019 Autotron


“We appreciated the great organization and the helpful staff. From the first contact to the event itself everything went fine and we were asked for our feedback already during the event!”
Joep van Esch - Bettas4all

“I was not sure if I had ordered too much, but I have sold most of my products with very few exceptions. Vivarium has not been a disappointment!”
Rick van der Tuin - Van der Tuin bijzondere aquariumplanten

“My goal was to meet as many people as possible and  I did get in touch with many people. It was a very informative event.”
Sybren Brouwer - Syfiori

“We did enjoy coming to Vivarium again and had the feeling there were even more visitors than the year before. Organization and catering were just fine, way to go!”
Coby Koevoets - Parels uit Malawi

"The preparations, PR, the colorful layout......all of these are the strong points of Vivarium. People both form Netherlands, but also from the rest of Europe come to this event. At the event itself, visitors see how things work and how things are done in our hobby."
Ton Schemkes - Private breeder

"The way Vivarium has developed, is their strongest point. One can find all there is to see and enjoy in our hobby. The PR and advertising has been great as always. The location is great and the layout is spacious. This is not just good for visitors, as they can easily walk around, but also for us as exhibitors when building up our stand."
Rien van Beek - Aquabeek

“Vivarium is an unique event that shows the beauty and diversity of our hobby, be it aquariums, paladariums or terrariums!”
Chris de Bruijn - Koitronics

"We are certainly satisfied, also with the good care from the organising team."
Arie Methorst - 't Guppy

“I have had many visitors of the event in my shop in the last couple of weeks, so it was definitely a successful event for me!”
Bjorn Schuiling - Aquadeco

“My employees had no complaints at all – let alone the blisters on their feet from the busy Saturday!”
Henk van Randen - Aquariumplus

“We were surprised by the large number of visitors! Vivarium is very well organised and the location was perfect!”
Maike Spierenburg - Beaphar Nederland

"For us the event has been very succesful. We took great pride at participating at Vivarium, we have never seen such a great show."
Cor van den Berg - Private breeder

“Even before Vivarium even started we noticed more traffic on our website and eventually even more customers in our shop.”
Bram Potters - Reptileworld

“The cooperation with the staff was outstanding. We got help with everything we had asked for. Way to go!
Willem Postma - WAP

“I think it was fantastic! I have met many people and had lots of fun! I’m honored to have been part of this event. Also I want to compliment all staff!”
Ab Ras - Guest speaker Vivarium

"First of all I wish to give you all my compliments for realising such a great weekend. This has been top class and it shold continue this way. Our aim was to inform as many people of possible about what the Dutch Aquarium Associations have to offer. We easily succeeded witht that."
Jan van der Tuin - former secretary District Zuid Holland Zuid

“As main sponsor of Vivarium we could present ourselves to a very large audience – before, during and after the event. We have reached our goal to get the consumers attention for us and our brands”.
Maurits van de Pol - Aquadistri B.V.

“I have sold so many products so fast! I can only say positive things about Vivarium! A young and fresh and diverse event with lots of space for exhibitors and visitors alike.”
Pierre Ooms - Killivisen en Corydoras

"On behalf of my crew, I would like to thank you for another great event. Please continue this way! We cannot wait till the next show."
Patrick Temmink - Green Nature

"The event has been extremely positive for us. We had many nice talks with people that came into our shop in the weeks after Vivarium. One of them even came all the way from Amsterdam to buy an aquarium from us. That just proves for me what kind of impact an event like Vivarium has."
Arie van Leerdam - Aquacompleet

"For us it has been great, our compliments go toward the whole organizing team. It has been great fun, we hope to see you again next year."
Fred en Marianne Bor - Fremabo

"Great to hear that Vivarium will be back again next year. Please let me know the dates as it would be my pleasure to visit you again."
Christel Kasselmann - author, plant expert and lecturer at Vivarium

"I can tell you that for it the event has been a fun experience. Quite busy and with many spontaneous people. I will be back again next time, for sure."
Ahmet Saglambilek – Terraglas

"Experiencing Vivarium 2012 was extremely good. I was highly satisfied with my uniform build stand and the exposure I achieved by that. A lot of people showed great interest in my products."
Ioannis Mylothridis - Stunning Corals

“The organisation is still fantastic, you’re doing all you can to please exhibitors and audience alike!”
Iwan Roos - Kwekerij Roos

"For me, the strong points are the spacious layout, the variaty in what the exhibitors offer and all the information that can be obtained through al the lectures. In other words, all the extra effort you have put in to make sure Vivarium is more than just a sales fair."
Ruud Schouten - Dutch Rana

"We have succesfully reached our goals! Much to our surprise, but just like last year, our booth immediately was crowded with interested people right from the start. Many people loved to see the many variaties in colour and tales and were surprised to learn dat this hobby is much more than just the basic Betta's that we all know from the jars at the aquariumstores. "
Joep van Esch - Bettas4all

“There was so much space that all the varieties of this hobby could be covered, everything was very well taken care of and diverse.”
Ton Schemkes - Particuliere kweker