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Autotron Rosmalen

Photo Contest regulation

  • The photo contest is open to everyone, except the members of the core team of the Vivarium organization. Other Vivarium employees may participate.
  • Participants give Vivarium permission to use the photos in print and / or publications on the Internet related to the Vivarium event and / or the photo contest.
  • The photos should not contain a copyright or watermark.
  • Submission can done from 1 June until 1 October.
  • Each participant may submit five photos per category.
  • Photos will be submitted in accordance with the specifications defined under "Photo Contest enrollment".
  • Participation is only allowed with a picture made by the participant.
  • The contest is aimed at the most beautiful picture, not the best edited image. Operations in which elements are added or removed are not allowed to the image. Under "Supplementary pictures Rules" the rules of operations are specified.
  • The jury choose from the entries the 20 best pictures and for each category a jury winner. These photos will be exhibited at Vivarium, printed on 30x40 format.
  • The visitors of Vivarium choose during the event the audience winner for the category 'In the Vivarium'.
  • The results will be published within one week after the exhibition at the Vivarium website.
  • In special situations where these regulations are in omission, the jury will decided.

Submitting photos
Submission: upload your photo in jpg, jpeg, png or gif format as large as possible but with a limit of 10mb. BMP, TIF and other file formats will not be automatically placed on the server. Photo submission can be done via the form on this site.

Supplementary pictures Rules
Of course we cannot guarantee that we discover unauthorized edits. However, if we find or suspect unauthorized edits, it will result in exclusion from the contest.

Which edits of the picture are allowed?

  • Colour corrections (curves, levels, colour balance, hue, saturation, brightness and contrast).
  • Use of the following filters: Unsharp Mask, Noise and Sharpen.
  • Photo Cropping.

What actions are prohibited?

  • Cloning and / or incorporating other pictures, fish etc. - The removal and / or adaptation of fish, plants etc. - All other operations will be judged by the Vivarium jury.