27 & 28 November 2021 - Autotron Den Bosch

Be prepared for Vivarium

Countdown has already started for the one event a true hobbyist should not mis: Vivarium 2021! We have again put a lot of effort in organizing the event as perfectly as possible and will make every effort during the week before Vivarium to create a great experience for our visitors.

Before we start setting everything up, we would like to give you some practical tips so you can travel to Rosmalen well prepared and enjoy Vivarium to the fullest.


Vivarium will take place at Autotron. The address of Autotron is Graafsebaan 133, 5248 NL Rosmalen.

Public transport

Autotron is a 5-minute walk from the bus stop. From Den Bosch train station or Oss train station you will travel to this stop by bus. Your journey by public transport can be planned on

Private transport

Autotron with its own exit on the A59 is easily accessible by car and has its own parking. The parking management is arranged by Autotron itself, the instructions of parking management must be followed. The costs for parking are 6 euros per day. Exit tickets are available in the entrance hall at the parking machines.


Vivarium occupies 2 halls, each with 2 floors, which are easily accessible for wheelchairs, prams and the like. The first floors are accessible by elevator. There are (limited) disabled parking spaces at Autotron. Wheelchairs are not available in Autotron, if a wheelchair is required, you must bring them yourself.

Ticket sales

Ticket sales take place online until Thursday 26 November. During Vivarium it is only possible to buy the tickets at the cash register.

A separate entrance is available for visitors with an (online) e-ticket.

Cash register

At the entrance you will find the ticket office, where you can buy day tickets for 12,50 euros each (or 10 euros if you have a voucher). Children under the age of 9 have free access. At the checkout you can pay cash or use an ATM. The cash registers open at 9.00.

We do our best to proceed ticketing and entrance as quickly as possible, but waiting times are unavoidable in the morning hours.  

Opening hours

Vivarium opens its doors on both days at exactly 10:00 and closes again at 17:00 hours.

Vivarium goes green

Since plastic bags may not be distributed anymore without charging them, not all exhibitors will be able to give you bags, please make sure you bring your own bag when you visit Vivarium to carry your purchases. Off course we all prefer eco-friendly bags. If you intend to purchase animals, it is advisable to bring cooling bags, coolers or isomoboxes for them so that the animals stay at the best possible temperature.

Program and plan

You will receive a program booklet upon buying your day ticket(s). You will find the plan and the program for presentations and workshops inside. To prevent you from missing an interesting presentation or workshop, we recommend to first study the program booklet before you venture onto the exhibition floor.

Use of an ATM

There will not only be a lot of beautiful things to see, but also a lot of nice things to buy! Cash withdrawals are only possible at the ticket office (as long as cash is available) and not all exhibitors will have ATM’s. So make sure you bring enough cash money to Vivarium to be able to make that dream purchase!


Autotron is a non-smoking facility! This also goes for e-sigarettes. For smokers we have reserved a space at the rear of the entrance hall (in the open air). We kindly ask smokers to use this space and not to use the main entrance.


Even though we as an organization are fond of animals, dogs are not allowed in Autotron. Not even in carts, bags or on the arm. Guide dogs are of course welcome, as long as these can be identified as such.

Fish nursery

In collaboration with "Het Nederlandstalig" Aquaforum we offer once again a Fish Nurseryfor the fish you might purchase. This can be found in the entrance hall, where the bags with your fish will be safeguarded in pre-heated water basins. This way your animals will not cool down and is grants them some rest without being bumped into.

Leaving and re-entering Autotron

Of course you may wish to step outside for just a little while (for example, to bring your purchases to your car) and then go back inside. In such cases you can get a stamp at the acces control which will let you get back in.

Food and drinks

In the Expodome hall you will find a restaurant on the ground floor with a wide range of food and drinks and seating. There are also catering points in other places in the halls, see the floor plan in the program booklet.


There is a wardrobe available in the entrance hall. The use is entirely at your own risk. The wardrobe is provided by of a Scouting association and the proceeds are entirely for their youngest group of children.

We look forward to welcome you and hope you will have a great day at Vivarium!