24 & 25
Autotron Rosmalen

Vivarium: THE hobby event for aquarium, terrarium and paludarium.

At the new venue in Autotron Rosmalen, Vivarium will once again show the best of the best that our hobbies have to offer. This event mainly covers both freshwater and saltwater aquariums with fish, plants and corals and gives many inspiring ideas on decorating such aquariums. But also paludariums with poison dart frogs and plants and terrariums with insects, snakes, lizards, spiders and scorpions make up an important part of the Vivarium concept.

Exhibitors, offering education and sales at their professional stands, form the foundation of our event. This year brings not only the largest shops from The Netherlands and Belgium to Vivarium, but also the biggest brands from the industry. Both will promote their shops and products to our thousands of visitors. At the same time they will offer advice, tips and information which form the much needed basics at which keeping every animal should start.

In adition to what the exhibitors have to show, Vivarium offers many activities for both young and old to enjoy a full day (or even a full weekend!). Workshops and lectures by internationally renowned experts will keep all up to date with the latest developments in the hobby. Show tanks will bring inspiring ideas on how to provide your animals the best habitats. Both during the event and in the months before Vivarium we offer many options to actively participate in contests covering aquascaping, photography or other aspects of the hobby. Kids will entertain themselves not only by being amazed by all the wonderful animals, but also by having their faces painted or going on a treasure hunt.

This 10th editition of Vivarium offers once again an inspiring and educational even where people of all ages will enjoy themselves and will be amazed.