1 & 2 October 2022 - Autotron Den Bosch



Upon arrival you need to check in at the information desk and leave a deposit of 20 euros for your booth. Your deposit will be refunded after your booth has been emptied and cleaned, and for tables including the black cloth we provided. We expect you to act according to the rules when it comes to disassembling your booth, which means not to start with this before closing time (17:00). We will not pay any refunds before 17:30.


Electricity will be available for your booth from central electricity distribution points. Please remember to bring cables to ensure sufficient supply within your booth. It is not allowed to use fridges, freezers, coffee machines or waterboilers at your booth. When you make a reservation the price will also include a standard amount of electricity. It is also possible to make a reservation for additional amounts of electricity. We are kindly asking you to use electricity from your distribution point carefully.

Cold Water

For cold water please use the firehoses inside the location. We kindly ask you to preferrably use the hoses that have been previously used. However, if you wish to use an unused one please be careful and remove standing water first. Please bring your own buckets, tubes and all the other material you need for water.

Warm water

Tanks filled with warm water will be available that you may use upon request. If you need larger amounts there will be a possibility to bring the water to your booth. You can then mix the warm water with the cold water from the firehoses to reach the desired temperature. Please bring your own buckets, tubes and all other material you need for water.

Water disposal

For waterdisposal please use the spots that have been marked by the organisation. All other holes in the ground are not part of the sewage system and using them might cause serious damage. If you have a large amount of water to dispose please contact the organisers to receive a large watertank. The toilets are not meant to be used for disposing water!


As mentioned before we kindly ask you to clean up everything and leave your stand in its original state. Please do not leave your waste, don't leave it behind for us.


Autotron offers hotspots of the dutch KPN. You can open an account to make use of a stable and reliable internet connection. For more information:

Electronic cash

Year after year exhibitors find that some potential buyers carry insufficient amounts of cash to make their dream purchase with them. To prevent this from happening we are advising you to rent an electronic payment system. You can contact to make sure you can offer electronic payment during Vivarium.